Pre Ink Stamp Wholesale

IS Stamp offers unbeatable wholesale price for Stamp supply directly from China factory. With our US based sales team, you will enjoy top-notch customer service with lowest price you can imagine. Impression Sense stamp is US based Pre-inked , Self-ink and Rubber stamps specialist. IS stamp has 100% own China stamp manufacturing plant to fulfill any size wholesale order at unbeatable price. Our factory Engineer can work with you to design or customize your next Stamp product lines. Contact us for quote at :

Contact Impression Sense

Contact us for quote at : Note: ISStamp has more than 5,000PCS inventory (all available sizes) ready for immediatley shipment. You will receive the order around 2 weeks after your payment is cleared.or Call us at : 269-558-4288 (Wholesale manager : Michael )



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2017 Pre Inked Stamp Wholesale Program

2017 Stamps Wholesale Program We can beat any wholesale quote!!!   2017 ISStamp wholesale program : No Minimal Order Requirement, Unbeatable Wholesale Price, Quick Wholesale Order Fulfillment .IS Stamp offers unbeatable wholesale price for Flash Stamp supply directly from China factory. With our US based sales team, you will enjoy top-notch customer service with [...]

HF Pre Inked Stamps Size Chart

ISStamp offers more than 40 Pre ink stamp(Flash Stamp) size selections . More important , we have more than 5,000 pcs wholesale inventories for all size selections and ready for immediate shipment . Also our factory has ample manufacturing capacity to fulfill any size standard or customized wholesale order . [...]

February 21st, 2017|All About Stamps|0 Comments

Self-inked Stamp VS Pre-inked Stamp

A Self-Inking Stamp is simply a rubber stamp placed in a spring-loaded stamp body which rotates to an internal ink pad after each use. Self-Inking stamps are fast, clean, easy-to-use stamps ideal for rapid, repetitive stamping. Pre-inked stamps utilize a light burst/UV 'flash' to embed your image into the die plate. The oil-based ink pad [...]

Benefits with Self Ink Stamps

Do your customers want to save themselves time on paperwork? On mail? On forms? Do they want to add a little personalization and handmade charm to packages? Self-inking stamps will help them do just that. And, for a limited time, you can save an extra 10% on these practical, personalized stamps. Big Benefits From Self-Inking [...]

July 31st, 2012|Self-Ink Stamp, Stamps Knowledge|0 Comments

Oil-based ink vs. Water-based ink

Oil-based ink, used in pre-inked stamps, are water-resistant, as well as most soaps and detergents. As such, extra care should be taken when using pre-inked stamps, so as not to damage your clothing. Water-based inks, used in self-inking stamps, are not permanent and can be removed using soaps and detergents. Quick-dry inks (Multisurface, Industrial, or [...]

What Surface can be stamped?

Depending on what ink is used, a variety of surfaces can be stamped. For paper/printed material, both self-inking and pre-inked stamps work well. However, for slick/glossy/glass surfaces, we recommend using quick-dry inks. Normal inks tend to smear or appear blurry on glossy surfaces, while the quick-dry ink can dry in as little as 15 seconds, [...]

July 31st, 2012|Stamps Knowledge|0 Comments

How do I make the best stamp impression

This is a question we get more than any other: why doesn't my impression look very good? There could be a multitude of reasons behind that (dry ink pad, etc.), but the main culprit we find is that users are either stamping too hard, or too quickly releasing the stamp. For a good impression, first [...]

July 31st, 2012|Pre-Ink Stamp, Self-Ink Stamp, Stamps Knowledge|0 Comments

Stamping 101: Types Of Stamps

With the myriad of choices available on our site, it can be overwhelming to figure out which stamp/product will work the best for you. Ultimately, the best type of stamp depends on its intended use, how much it will be used, and the surface to be imprinted upon. There are basically three types of stamps: [...]