Do your customers want to save themselves time on paperwork? On mail? On forms? Do they want to add a little personalization and handmade charm to packages? Self-inking stamps will help them do just that. And, for a limited time, you can save an extra 10% on these practical, personalized stamps.

Big Benefits From Self-Inking Stamps…
Stamps are a great way for your customer to save time when they need to communicate the same information over and over again. They can be used to communicate a wide variety of different information, like dating documents, stamping your customer’s signature, adding an address to a piece of mail, or just marking copies before they are filed. With so many uses, your customer is sure to have a stamp they could use to save time.

Self-inking stamps can be used thousands of times before needing re-inking and, because the ink pad is contained within the stamp, there is very little mess when using these stamps. This means fewer ink pads and less mess to deal with when using the stamp.

Self-inking stamps will also give your customers a quality image every time they are used, making these stamps perfect for stamps that will be used in quick succession. This means that your customer can do many pieces of mail, many forms, or many documents and the stamp will give them the same crisp, clear impression every time.