This is a question we get more than any other: why doesn’t my impression look very good? There could be a multitude of reasons behind that (dry ink pad, etc.), but the main culprit we find is that users are either stamping too hard, or too quickly releasing the stamp. For a good impression, first you want to make sure you are stamping on a flat surface. Even a flap underneath of an envelope can cause a stamp to be imbalanced and not stamp uniformally across the impression. Next, make sure you are putting pressure on the stamp from the top, not from around the sides of the stamp. Use equal pressure (from left-to-right, and from top-to-bottom) when pressing down on your stamp. When you press down, you do not need to force the stamp through the table, simple easy pressure will work better, along with less chance of breakage. And lastly, as the stamp contacts the page, make sure you keep pressing down for 1-2 seconds, if you let up on the stamp too quickly, not enough of the ink will penetrate onto the page. And as with any product, we do acknowledge there might just be ‘dud’ stamps, that do not stamp well whatever the case. We generally weed these stamps out before delivery, but if by chance you do feel your stamp is a ‘dud’ and not working properly, please contact us for a replacement.