Impression Sense Wholesale Service

Wholesale Service : Full Service Alibaba

Impression Sense Wholesale is a leading supply chain solution provider that has base both in China , United States , Canada and Singapore. We position our service as full service Alibaba . WE offer from end to end wholesale services for US companies who plan to sourcing products from China .  We also offer premium services in contract manufacturing, rapid prototyping, product design, product sourcing, quality control, and freight forwarding services for US companies that is planning to outsource manufacturing to China. 

We are able to provide complete and tailor-made supply chain solutions for a wide range of industries, such as electronics and computers, hardware and tools, automotive, lighting equipment, building and construction material, machinery, textile and apparel, toys and consumer goods, packaging and more.

Wholesale Programs

Flash Stamp, Pre Ink Stamp and Rubber Stamp Wholesale sourcing

Solar Inverter OEM Program