A Self-Inking Stamp is simply a rubber stamp placed in a spring-loaded stamp body which rotates to an internal ink pad after each use. Self-Inking stamps are fast, clean, easy-to-use stamps ideal for rapid, repetitive stamping.

Pre-inked stamps utilize a light burst/UV ‘flash’ to embed your image into the die plate. The oil-based ink pad embedded within the stamp then releases the ink through the openings left by the flash process to make the impression on the page. The quality of the impression from these stamps tends to be closer to print-quality than an identical self-inking stamp. Using these stamp only requires pushing down as little as 1/4″ to make an impression. However, as it relies on the ink to flow out through the openings, pre-inked stamps can take some time to refresh, making them not as well-suited for heavy-duty repetitive stamping. Because there is less movement required than within a self-inking stamp, pre-inked stamps can have a much larger impression area. Pre-inked stamps generally give you 30,000 to 50,000 impressions before needing to be re-inked.

Gel Pre-Inked Stamps deliver thousands of clean, crisp imprints without the use of a stamp pad. The ink is actually held in tiny, microporous cavities in the letters themselves. Just press and the ink is released for a perfect impression, time after time. Gel Pre-Inked Stamps won’t dry out or evaporate and the mount adjusts for lighter and darker impressions.

Flash Pre-Inked Stamps offer up to 50,000 crisp, high-quality impressions before re-inking is needed. Available in a variety of sizes from small to extra large, they feature a premium, soft-touch handle and an advanced re-inking system that is simple and mess-free.

The self inker is a little more economical, but the pre inked stamp, while more expensive, offers thousands more impressions without re-inking, and the impressions are super crisp and clean. Pre-Inked stamps are considered to be the top quality stamp and provide a solid, crisp impression. While the self-inking stamp offer a super great impression, and at an economical lower price. Either stamp is going to be a sure win for the buck and are backed with a lifetime warranty, so you really can not loose with either stamp.

Self-inking stamps rely on a rubber die that rotates within the stamp. The die rests against the ink pad inside the stamp until a user pushes down on the stamp, which causes the stamp die to rotate, taking ink from the pad and imprinting it on the page. It does rely on more moving parts than a pre-inked stamp, and as such, could be prone to breakage more readily than a pre-inked stamp, especially if too much force is used on the downward stroke of the stamp. Because of the inherent nature of how the stamp operates, it is better suited to repetitive stamping, as the die plate will contact the ink pad each time the stamp is released from the down position. Because of the extra area required to rotate the self-inking die plate, self-inking stamps do not come in bigger sizes like the pre-inked stamps. Generally, self-inking stamps can make 5,000 impressions before needing to be re-inked.

ISStamp offers the complete line in both the self-inking and pre-inked stamps.More important , ISStamp manufactures both Stamp in its own factory . All can be easily customized, so please let us know what type of custom Self-Inking or Pre-Inked stamp you desire and we will be happy to assist you with your request.