Depending on what ink is used, a variety of surfaces can be stamped. For paper/printed material, both self-inking and pre-inked stamps work well.

However, for slick/glossy/glass surfaces, we recommend using quick-dry inks. Normal inks tend to smear or appear blurry on glossy surfaces, while the quick-dry ink can dry in as little as 15 seconds, thus greatly minimizing the chance of smearing the impression. Our istamp Multisurface stamps are designed for the quick-dry ink, and a majority of the istamp sizes can be used for Multisurface stamping. Xstamper also manufactures their Industrial stamps, which are designed for quick-dry applications. With all quick-dry ink or stamps, we recommend storing them in an air-sealed bag, as air can dry out the ink or stamps, which could render them inoperaple.