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Who We Are

Impression Sense supplies Pre Ink Stamp, Flash stamp, Rubber Stamp and Self Inked Stamp directly from our 100% owned China factory.

Impression Sense Stamp is  manufacturer behind Istamp and many other Brands. Previous , we sold rubber stamp ,pre inked stamp , self ink stamp to world wide (US, AU,EU, CA market etc) through wholesaler. Since 2017 august , we started to sell directly to customer . We have all sizes of IStamp style pre inked stamps with large inventory; besides this , we also have many other pre inked , self inking and rubber stamp series available. More important , our factory engineers will work with our wholesale client to implement new idea and create new product lines. Feel free to contact me if you have any question. 



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 Stamp Supply Wholesale Program

Impression Sense Stamp Supply Wholesale offers unbeatable manufacture price for Pre Inked Stamp , Self Ink Stamp , Flash Stamp, Rubber Stamp and other Stamp supplies directly from 100% owned China factory. With our dedicated sales team, you will enjoy top-notch customer service with lowest price possible. For more info , please contact us at wholesale@ISStamp.com .

Impression Sense stamp is Pre Inked , Self Ink and Rubber stamps specialist. IS stamp has 100% own China stamp manufacturing plant to fulfill any size wholesale order with any color combination at unbeatable price.

Our factory Engineer can work with you to design or customize your next Pre Ink Stamp product lines.

Contact us for best quote at : wholesale@ISStamp.com

Impression Sense Stamp wholesales Pre-inked , Self-ink and Rubber stamps to almost all countries across the world through UPS , Fedex , DHL ,TNT , Purolator and other carriers. We offers air shipping , sea cargo and will select best way to fulfill your shipping needs. More important , we provides one stop service : all round packaging , multiple shipping choices ,  custom clearing service  , door to door delivery and any other service you may need. For shipping detail , country we ship to please visit our shipping page.

Note: ISStamp has more than 5,000PCS inventory for all available sizes ready for immediately shipment. You will receive the order around 2 weeks after your payment is cleared.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at info@ISStamp.com .

For Stamp Supply Wholesale, contact wholesale@ISStamp.com .

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