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2016 Macbook Pro with touch bar, ACTIVE Thunderbolt 3 Cable, PASSIVE Thunderbolt 3 Cable, Thunderbolt 3 Cable, USB-C to USB-C Cable -

With 2016 Macbook Pro with touch bar , you got USB-C to leverage powerful external accessories , such as 5K monitor, Samsung T3 SSD . But what kind of cable you will need to connect these accessories to your Mac?   What is the difference between USB-C Charging Cable and Thunderbolt 3 cable ? what is PASSIVE Thunderbolt 3 Cable vs ACTIVE Thunderbolt 3 Cable ?  We should have all these questions answered in this ShopGalaxie Tech Blog Post. USB-C Charge Cable (AKA  USB-C to USB-C cable , The Charging Cable comes with your Macbook Pro ) Quote from Apple's...

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